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Gas delivery control system

A safe control system
Gas leakage is a serious risk. Together with carbon monoxide it causes even more deaths and much more serious injuries than our power grid. Everyone knows someone in their family or circle of friends who has faced a hazardous situation caused by gas or carbon monoxide.

Our power grid is protected by means of Residual Current Devices. It is time to protect our gas grid with the Gas Delivery Control System.

How it works

A Safe and Closed Control System
The Gas Delivery Control System is best compared to a Residual Current Device. However, with much more options for additional safety. The system only allows gas supply in safe situations and only when the gas consuming unit requests it.

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The Gas Delivery Control System generates a safe situation

Safety first

Safety without human intervention
Unlike other product available on the market, the Gas Delivery Control System does not just detect dangerous situations and generate an alarm. It also takes immediate action: it shuts off the gas supply and sends out a signal.

This way, the system creates active safety by reducing or even preventing the risk of hazardous gas-related situations, such as gas leakage, carbon monoxide, fire or smoke. Even before human intervention.

The Technology

Simple and Existing
The Gas Delivery Control System is able to detect even the smallest leakage, even in old gas pipes and appliances that are no longer used, but are still connected. All of this is possible through simple and existing technology.

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The Gas Delivery Control System detects even the smallest gas leakage

Smart Gas Meters

Privacy is not an issue anymore
Most smart gas meters have a gas valve. This type of gas meter allows the relevant gas system to be connected or disconnected remotely through the gas valve. Some gas meters have the extra option of testing the connected grid for leakage when opening this valve for the first time. In this case, gas consuming appliances should not be connected. If leakage is detected, the valve is closed immediately.

Data from smart (gas) meters can be accessed remotely by the grid manager or supplier, eliminating the need for power companies to make house calls for meter readings. The downside of this, is that the use of smart (gas) meters has provoked a discussion relating to invasion of privacy. A discussion that may end shortly, thanks to the advantages of the Gas Delivery Control System.

Extremely Diverse Possibilities

Thanks to Modern Technology
Imagine your house being on fire and you are far away at work. The Gas Delivery Control System shuts off the gas supply, preventing further fueling of the fire. It also sends out an alert to you and your neighbors, enabling you to act immediately. Luckily, this way the damage was kept limited to the minimum.
Thanks to modern technology, the possibilities of the Gas Delivery Control System are extremely diverse. Central heating boilers combined with smartphones and smart thermostats, offer a great deal of possibilities for expanding the features of the system.

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Schematic Diagram
Schematic Diagram

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